Transhipping offers the following services related to ground transportation:
  • Combined truck/train transport of containers from our customerís warehouses to any point on port / airport terminals, as well as the other way round, with the so called TECO SERVICE (container transport on train).

  • Ground transportation of goods from/to any European destination.

  • Both local and national storage and distribution.
  TRANSHIPPING AIR CARGO S.A. Tlf. +34 91-375 02 81 (MADRID)
TRANSHIPPING S.A. Tlf. +34 93-329 58 00 (BARCELONA)
TRANSHIPPING S.A. Tlf. +34 93-378 84 77 (BARCELONA)
NEW OPENING IN BILBAO Tel. +34 94-424 78 93 (BILBAO)
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